GENRE: Coming of Age

SYNOPSIS: Adam, a senior at Eureka High School, is all set to star on the school’s football team – that is until his grandfather suffers a heart attack. The family is forced to move to the town of Mendocino just as the school year is starting. Adam’s upset but his younger brother Ryan, who is a sophomore, only wants to know if there’s girls at the local high school. The boy’s dad is a commercial salmon fisherman who, like all Northern California fisherman, has fallen on hard times.

The beautiful town of Mendocino overlooks the Pacific Ocean’s majestic vistas and dangerous cliffs. The first day on the Mendocino High School campus Adam asks Olivia, the love interest, “Does everyone at this school smoke pot?” “I don’t think they do,” says Olivia pointing to the YOUNG REPUBLICIANS recruitment table. Adam learns that there are not enough boys to field a football team and he goes ballistic. Olivia convinces him that he should take matters into his own hands and put the team together himself.

Meanwhile, up in the rugged forest due east of town evil lurks. The characters are drawn in and the ending is a real cliff hanger.