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The story genres which have been identified by Silver Screen Entertainment, Inc., as having the highest potential for Breakout currently are Coming of Age, African-American Dramadies and Horror. Urban comedy, drama and horror are the best selling and renting DVDs in the market place. For example, the horror movie “Saw” was made for $1.2m and has grossed over $80m in theater and DVD sales; The coming of age/comedy, “Napoleon Dynamite” was made for $400k and has grossed over $100m to date; The coming of age/comedy “Freaky Friday” has grossed over $180m and was made for $20m; The African-American comedy, “Friday” has grossed over $100m, spawned two sequels, had the highest grossing soundtrack CD for five years in a row – was made for $3.5m. And of course the all time independent film champ, “The Blair Witch Project,” was made for $80k and has grossed over $400m to date.

This information in not intended as a solicitation for investment, rather as an introduction to the project for “accredited investors” (as defined by the SEC). If you are an accredited investor and would like additional information about the project, please contact Silver Screen Entertainment, Inc., at Upon receiving your inquiry and confirmation of your accredited investor status, we will forward you a bi-lateral Non-Disclosure Agreement. Once this agreement is signed and received by Silver Screen Entertainment, Inc., you will receive a business plan containing the project’s Private Limited Liability Offering in compliance with all Federal and California State laws.

In addition to the private offering, the business plan will also include an executive summary, list of key players and talent involved, a risk management statement, an explanation of the new Federal tax benefits for investors in film, and an overview of the production status of Silver Screen Entertainment, Inc. film projects. The production status of each film project will include: the status of the production and/or post-production; sound track recording status; a marketing plan; an independent film festival strategy and a distribution strategy identifying all income streams.

  • Some of the benefits in investing in an independent film are.
  • 100% tax deduction of investment pursuant to the American Jobs Creation Act of 2004.
  • The potential to receive a high rate of return on investment.
  • Limited liability exposure.
  • Give life to a story you would like to hear and see.
  • Have an inside look at the complete process of filmmaking.

At Silver Screen Entertainment, Inc., we believe that the investing in films is a worthy proposition if the process is completely transparent for all participants involved. Our goal is to aid any accredited investor in having full and complete disclosure regarding this project before any financial commitments are made.